Feeding your baby

Since I don't have any milk container attached up on my body, so this is my great pleasure feeding my baby. It isn't just for me but for every daddy, I suggest.

Ok, forget the feeding thing for a while. Yesterday, 17 Sep 2005, NZ conducted a general election Vote05. Our family is registered for Hamilton East electorate and the nearest pooling booth is at Knighton Normal School. We're happy to do this because we do this for our future as a migrant family in NZ.
>>> The result: national overall and Hamilton East.

First Audio Posting

Time flies, I've been blogging for about one year. Yes, I'm a new blogger who came at the time after blogging was booming. Everyone's blogging, so am I. I just followed the trend. Despite blogging is quite important for me, it in fact has a good impact; and, I believe blogging is my freewill.

Listen to my first audioblog (podcast) hosted by ourmedia:

I wanted to make it in my own language (Bahasa), but I'd rather you to correct my English. This podcast is made by actually reading through my old posting.

Moreover, have a listen to our baby Kezia audioblog in her happy language.

Katrina Aftermath Photos

I just browsed Flickr tagged Katrina and found these images.

I thinks it's a fake image, but funny though.

Soo..Bye, bye miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
And good ol' boys were drinking whisky and rye?
Singing this will be the day that I die
this will be the day that I die

My deepest condolences...

Mandala Airlines

Mandala Airlines was established and started operations in 1969. It is 90% owned by Yayasan Dharma Putra Kostrad (Indonesian Army Unit) with the remaining 10% shared by Dharma, Kencana, Sakti and Nusamba. It has a total of 1322 employees.

I've never heard any accident happened to this airlines before. Two good people on board was killed in this accident.

Kiwi Big Breakfast

If you're in New Zealand, this is a typical Kiwi Big Breakfast. It includes toasts, hashbrowns, bacons, sausages, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and plus mushrooms or muffins.

It's normally served in a large amount, so I bet you'll be full. So, you won't bother having just a pie or sandwich for lunch.

That's why Kiwis are different from Aussies, English and Americans, since they have their own kind of breakfast. The Big one. Fantastic...

SkypeOut is cheap

Recently, I've made several phone calls to Indonesia using SkypeOut and found it's gratefully cheap.

Talking about 13.5 minutes costed me Eur 0.462, or with a painful exchange-rate nowadays equals to Rp5,773 or NZD0.82. So, it's about Rp427 or NZD0.06 per minute. However, it's more more expensive for calls to Manado, about Eur 0.086 or Rp1,74 or NZD0.15. Strange, Manado is part of Indonesia you see.

I'm now considering to buy SkypeIn, so that my family and friends can get a cheap price too when they call me. But, there's no SkypeIn number available for Indonesia. Fantastic...

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