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Turn that Trailer into a Boat

At lunch time, Yunus van Wering and me went to see the trailer that we're gonna use for the parade. I'm planning to turn it into a boat, put some floating islands of Indonesian archipelago on the two sides, two Balinese umbrellas in the back and a square banner as a sail at front. The trailer size is 2 x 3.5 metres.

Kira-kira seperti inilah...

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Indonesia Float Plan

Members of Indonesian Society of Hamilton NZ are planning to join Hamilton City Christmas Parade 2005. As a parade coordinator, I'm planning something simple but still can achieve the goal of displaying geographical location of Indonesia. There's not enough time for preparation. Two sets of proposal have been sent to Indonesian Embassy in Wellington (Hon Ambassador Primo Joelianto) and Garuda Office in Auckland (District Manager Ucok Cemerlang).

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