Go to the beach

After a while my family (Nina and Baby Kezia) and me had been involved in such a community activity (the parade and the preparation), I thought it's good to have some fun just three of us. Besides, I've got a good short break from work.

We went to the beach, precisely, to a place called Mt. Maunganui in Tauranga, about 100 km north-east from home. I tried to introduce Kezia to water, particularly beach and waves. It was a good time we had.

KBMI Hamilton City Xmas Parade - The Photos

Ini bukan demo kelompok Forum Kota atau kampanye partai PDIP, tapi ini adalah Keluarga Besar Masyarakat Indonesia dalam Hamilton City Christmas Parade. Berjalan di Anglesea Street sepanjang 1.2 km yang rata-rata setiap 10 m dipenuhi 250 orang, ini semacam latihan untuk jadi selebriti bagi peserta parade.

Why is there no support from them?

Tomorrow, the Hamilton City Christmas Parade will be happening. We have prepared a kind of budget float, but still spectacular I think. I'll show you the photos of our float in the parade next time I blog.

We have an outstanding decoration teamwork in designing and creating the float. It is funded totally by our own money as Indonesian society. But, I think we can do better with more funding.

One big question from our community at the moment, why is there no funding support from the Indonesian Embassy and Garuda Indonesia? Even there is no confirmation about the proposals we had sent. It is useless to send them those proposals then.

I can say here, we don't need the heck of their attentions anymore. Yes, we are Indonesian migrants in NZ as part of Indonesian Society of Hamilton NZ who are still holding Indonesian passports. However, I have to say here, we are Indonesian people with our own Indonesian spirit. There is no need for Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian airline company to cooperate with us and fill in our spirit. The show must go on.

Funding help is, in my opinion, a manifestation of attention. I must say that our attention as a migrant society is for our home country Indonesia, not to the Embassy or home airline company as both institutions may have lost our attention too.

It's fair enough. We don't pay tax to her and may not fly home with him anyway. We pay tax to NZ Inland Revenue at the moment and can subtitute with Qantas.

We are connected to our nation, but not the state or national company. It is called globalisation my friend...

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