Hey, I'm in the wi-fi hotspot

Hey, I'm in one of the wi-fi hotspots in NZ.
I am sitting at the Starbucks Cafe, Ward St, Hamilton, connected to the Telecom Hotspot Service.
I am actually testing my new Dell centrino technology.
And, It's working perfectly on the broadband connection.
But, I think the charges are still too expensive at the moment.

Telecom wireless hotspot finder in New Zealand.

I got my Dell

Spending just $2,283, I got a new Dell Inspiron 510m with Pentium M, 512 RAM, DVD ReWrite, Leather Bag, 128 Memory Key and free delivery. Plus, HP 1315 multi-printer, which I bought separately. What a price.

It is considerably budget price for a Centrino laptop.

Check out the reviews for Dell Centrino 510M:"Observers of the notebook scene will have long concluded that Dell can make thoroughly worthy mid-range products, and the Inspiron 510m is further evidence of this. Of its kind, the 510m is notably well equipped. If you're happy to trade off size and weight for flexibility and connectivity, you might as well get the works -- and with parallel, serial, dual USB, IEEE 1394, infrared, SVGA, PC Card, modem and 10/100 Ethernet, there's not a lot you can't plug in except a PS/2 keyboard or mouse."

"Dell's Inspiron range of notebooks goes from the mobile to the desktop replacement. The latest addition to the line-up, the twin-spindle Inspiron 510M, sits at the higher weight limit of what you might consider 'mobile'. Although Dell claims it to be thin and light, this laptop is still pretty heavy to carry around all day, weighing a hefty 2.7kg. But it looks good in its silver and grey finish."

"The Inspiron 510m differs somewhat to Dell's normal Inspiron range in that it’s targeted at the small business user market, without being one of Dell’s fully fledged business notebooks. In terms of design and features it’s very similar to the Inspiron 5000 range, but with some key changes."

"Dell has made a name for itself in the notebook arena, and we were therefore very keen on putting the Inspiron 510M through its paces. "

Dell Order Tracking

Dell Order Number 367040067 Customer PO Number
Ship State AKL Post Code 2001
Number of Boxes 1 Final Weight 8.0 KG

Event Date Event Time Status Event Status Info
10/11/04 12:00 Ex Factory Order Ex Factory
10/11/04 20:51 Intl Transport Loading for Export
13/11/04 00:00 Intl Arrival Arrival at Destination Country
14/11/04 12:41 Cleared Cleared at Destination Customs
16/11/04 13:33 Dispatch Dispatched to local courier
16/11/04 21:59 Estimate Estimated Delivery on or after 17/11

Hurry up, dude!

The day before...
I checked out the status of my order from Dell.co.nz yesterday.
It says that my new Dell is being shipped to NZ. It has passed the process of production and delivery preparation.
It has exited the factory at 12:00 on 10 Nov 2004 and transported internationally at 20:51 in the evening with destination to Auckland.
However, I have to be patient.
Just wait...

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