iPod Nano's Screen Scratches Easily

iPod Nano's screen scratches too easily and Apple faced a law suit. (via ATSNN)
It can be removed by using a can of Brasso (Jake's tip)

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL.O: Quote, Profile, Research) faced a lawsuit that alleged the company knew its nano portable music player was defective but still decided to press on with the product's release last month.

The credit card-sized nano, which replaced the best-selling iPod mini and is smaller than the traditional iPod, met with rave reviews. But users quickly started grumbling on Internet message boards that the device's screen scratches too easily. (link)

Google Scholar for Research

At one time, I got stuck on my library databases and search in finding a title of a paper, the author, the journal it was publised on, when exactly it was published and in what volume, the abstract and the citation. Guess who helped me? Google, through Google Scholar. Now, I have it on the sidebar.

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. Google Scholar helps you identify the most relevant research across the world of scholarly research.

The World Islands Real Estate - Dubai UEA

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Crown Prince of Dubai) would like to invite you to buy a country of one of these islands. Welcome to The World

Hey look! It's quite a big investment opportunity in Antarctica.
The image and the good story of it can be read on www.technovelgy.com.

MSN Messenger merger with Yahoo Messenger

MSN Messenger users can chat with Yahoo Messenger users.

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. said on Wednesday that they will link up their free instant messaging services to create a combined community of 275 million users.

The deal comes as they take on entrenched messaging leader AOL and market newcomer Google Inc..

The deal, the first major alliance between two of the Web's main providers of instant messaging, will allow users of Microsoft's MSN Messenger service and Yahoo Messenger to swap instantaneous text messages with each other. (reuters)

Download YaMShooN Messenger with Voice version 1.0 >>> (7.7 MB)

Next Country Should be Invaded

Americans on the street interview: (via Stageleft)

What do you think should be the next country to invade?
Aussies should not laugh.
Others may laugh.

Loyalty and Opportunity to Betray

I suddenly come up with two terms, i.e., loyalty and opportunity to betray. In a more clear sense, this can be interpreted as that one's loyalty of someone, some peer, something or some matter can in turn create an opportunity to betray such thing, if a conflict or dissatisfaction arises.

This kind of opportunity can be so much destructive as the accumulated gain of loyalty creates the best understanding of one's situation. The impact can be so deep.

Human naturally follows order. The obvious example is that we always follow instructions.

After a while, we well understand the instruction and start making a critical review when burdens are met. This critical review is that what I mean with opportunity to betray.

Are you going to betray your friend, association, lover, boss, company, family, tribe, country, religion, ideology, etc? Because of some critical review which actually arose from a conflict or dissatisfaction? I think not.

Because loyalty may have distracted your view at the beginning.

The Old Google and Yahoo

Google '98

Yahoo '96

Posted from Google’s Reader (example)

Google’s Reader: "ATOM only! Should Bloglines get worried? With ATOM support only, I think not.

Example from Google Feed Reader that I have blogged it onto this posting.

Sophisticated, isn't it?

At 16/10/05 04:52, said...

Reader supports all major feed formats. Atom, RSS 2, RSS 1, RSS 0.91 and more.

Posted by Jason Shellen

Google Feed Reader

I just want to synchronise my feed reader, blog and email, that's why I just exported all feeds from my Bloglines Feed Reader to Google Feed Reader. I found this via William (sinceretheory.net).

And, below is how I did it:

1. Make sure you have saved your OPML file (as .xml) taken from any Feed Reader (such as Bloglines). It's recommended to retrieve the OPML file using Internet Explorer and save it as .xml.
2. Login to Google Reader
3. Click Your Subscription
4. Click the More Actions dropdown
5. Select Import
6. Browse for your OPML file
7. Click Open
8. Click Upload
9. You will see the following displayed until it is done: "Your subscriptions are being imported..."

Now, I can read someone's post in my google feed reader (when I have time), then, email it to a friend or blog it onto my blogspot straight away.

Right, can I say here that google has a sophisticated system?

Wellington, Sleep in and Taxi

I'm in Wellington at the moment and away from Hamilton City, Nina and Kezia. I'm doing a block course for 6 days and have just finished the first subject; and then will start the second subject tomorrow. I think I might only get 65-75% of total mark of the test this morning. It's moderate, isn't it?

I set the alarm 6 a.m. last night. However, because of a glass of red wine I had last night at the hotel bar after study, I slept in, didn't wake at all! No, I think I did wake up, but just continued sleeping.

I don't know how but I just automatically woke up at 9.15am, 30 minutes prior to the test. That's fortunate! Thanks to God Almighty who send "the wake-up angel" to me this morning.

I got up, didn't take a shower; but at least brushed my teeth, washed my face and splashed my shirt with perfume.

I took a taxi, not a bus! The point is that lateness always costs me.

Suicide Bombers Bali Blast II


We have to accept the fact that a new type of DNA pattern has been formed. DNA that carries characteristic of suicide bomber and that can inherit for some generations until the extreme-fundamentalism is such a history in the human world and idea. I think some forensic scientists may have profiled this type of DNA.

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