Unethical Doesn't Mean Unlawful in Blogging

One thing I just come up with regarding blogging and internet is that unethical does not mean unlawful. This common thing applies in any matters and quite often in blogging and blogosphere.

However, blogging is totally different with journalism in the way of ethics. Blogging flies more freely than journalism, therefore blogging is quite far from a lawful consideration whilst journalism is just close to it. Most journalists are more aware of being unlawful if they breach their ethics.

Below are some of the ethics of blogging quoted from Harvard Cyber Law Blog: Blogging, Journalism and Credibility.

  • The ethic of transparency: We believe that our public deserves to know about us and our perspective to better judge what we say.
  • The ethic of conversation: We do not believe in one-sided lectures. We believe conversation leads to better understanding.
  • The ethic of humanity: We believe this medium lives at a human level while old media lives at in institutional level.
  • The ethic of the link: We believe one of our key jobs is to link our public to other voices and to source material so they may judge themselves.
  • The ethic of correction: We believe it is vital to correct errors quickly and openly.
  • The ethic of immediacy: We believe that the fast spread of information is will yield better information.

  • Hey, hold on... Where is the ethic of accuracy? Naaa, blogging doesn't need that. That's why blogging is quite far from the unlawful consideration, since accuracy happens to be such a lawful consideration.

    Maybe, there would be some lawful matters in the future of blogging when cyber people think that blogging is supposed to have some law.

    Sinceretheory just got the link to the legal guide for bloggers, which is I found an interesting quote from the link.

    What should I do if I get sued for what I blogged?
    You should contact an attorney (if you don't know an attorney, EFF may be able to help you find one). If the statement at issue is protected speech, you may be entitled to move to strike the complaint under your state's Anti-SLAPP laws.

    How do I know if I am being SLAPPed?
    SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, and the Anti-SLAPP laws are designed to help people sued for legitimate, protected speech made about public issues. If you are sued because you wrote about an issue of public interest or concern, you may have been SLAPPed. The First Amendment Project has an excellent FAQ on Anti-SLAPP laws. Note that Anti-SLAPP laws don't exist in every state, and they vary quite a bit among states, so this may not be available to everyone.


    I just started linkblogging last weekend for the first time and found out a better way to do it via CorporateBloggingBlog. Fortunately, I have already had a del.icio.us account so I just grabbed the rss link of it and created the javascript in Feed2JS and put it on my blog template. As you can see, my linkblog is now in the sidebar.

    Money Power and Transcendence Stage

    Some people believe that money is energy that can give them some power to do anything what they want. They earn money every year from their salaries and then spend it for something in some way.

    All their expenses may include: mortgage instalments or rent payments, regular basic living costs, insurance cover payments, emergency funds (call deposit), holiday costs and life style assets.

    However, according to Maslow, at the highest level of needs hierarchy, people would reach the stage of transcendence. The stage when people are willing to help others finding self-fulfilment and realising their potential.

    Using compound interest calculation for the investment in financial markets, we can calculate our power of money may accelerate in the future as our future potential net worth.

    Finally, by determining the transcendence ratio, we can decide how much portion we are going to give to our children and family in "estate planning" and how much portion we are going to share with the world for "charity". The bigger the transcendence ratio, the bigger portion for charity rather than for estate planning.

    >>> Calculate your money power at transcendence stage (IE only)

    Blogging from Cyber Cafes

    My car's tyres need replacement and alignment in order to renew the car's warrant of fitness. I took 4 hours to do it! Because, I haven't booked yet prior to come to the garage so they put my car in a long queue. However, it has to be done now. Fortunately, the garage is situated just in the city centre.

    Unsurprisingly, I spent my time at three cyber cafes around the city centre. I treated them equally, 1 hour each. Most of the patrons at those cafes are actually the gamers.

    Flickr Graph, Flickr Context

    From Andrew (The Scroll of Emptiness) I found this interesting Flickr graph. I can search people and their contacts within the context of Flickr.

    Now, you can add me as your contact and check out the graph. Again, within the context of Flickr.

    Bible's Daily Verse

    I just got a bible's daily verse script from ESV Bible Online via Brett (innergeek).

    It's good as reminding me of my duty as a Christian to spread the words of The Good News. I've tried to be more active actually, but my other matters sometimes overlap it, even overlook it more often. So forgive me God.

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