Money Power and Transcendence Stage

Some people believe that money is energy that can give them some power to do anything what they want. They earn money every year from their salaries and then spend it for something in some way.

All their expenses may include: mortgage instalments or rent payments, regular basic living costs, insurance cover payments, emergency funds (call deposit), holiday costs and life style assets.

However, according to Maslow, at the highest level of needs hierarchy, people would reach the stage of transcendence. The stage when people are willing to help others finding self-fulfilment and realising their potential.

Using compound interest calculation for the investment in financial markets, we can calculate our power of money may accelerate in the future as our future potential net worth.

Finally, by determining the transcendence ratio, we can decide how much portion we are going to give to our children and family in "estate planning" and how much portion we are going to share with the world for "charity". The bigger the transcendence ratio, the bigger portion for charity rather than for estate planning.

>>> Calculate your money power at transcendence stage (IE only)


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