Abolition of the Right of Inheritance

Abolition of the right of inheritance is one thing that most people (the wealthy) definitely oppose because they don't want to lose their life as ceasing to have everything they have. They don't want to give up their fortune and start over again from the beginning by means of being part of working class.

There are several institutions that can take the right of inheritance as well as managing it, such as: states/governments, religious institutions, charity trusts/foundations and other similar institutions.

Can you imagine if this condition is applied in your country? Thanks God it does not apply in Indonesia nor New Zealand.

Anyway, if you would like to calculate your financial power that you can inherit to your children or give away for charity, you can visit this link. It's funny because the calculation is totally based on capitalist view of compounding interest in the financial market.

Indonesiaku: my own nation states

Lebih baik meruntuhkan diri daripada diruntuhkan. Kalau diruntuhkan, kita bisa jadi memerlukan waktu berabad-abad untuk bersatu kembali. Sementara, kalau meruntuhkan diri, kita cuma memerlukan satu hari saja untuk menyatakan komitmen untuk bersatu kembali.
Dipecah dulu dalam beberapa pemerintahan daerah dengan nasionalisme daerahnya masing-masing, baru kemudian dibentuk Dewan Pemerintahan Intra Nasional Kepulauan Indonesia.
Niscaya kesejahteraan seluruh rakyat Indonesia akan tercapai. (link)
Akhirnya mimpi saya untuk membangun negara sendiri terkabul sejak bermain di nationstates.net.

Saya membuat dua negara. Yang pertama, The Incorporated States of Anymatters dengan semboyan "Any Days, One Nation". Yang kedua, The Grand Duchy of Somematters dengan semboyan "Some Days, One Nation". Tinggal pilih negara mana yang anda suka untuk berimigrasi.

Yah, namanya juga joke. Anything's possible.

Fundamentalism or Relativism

Benedict XVI, the new Pope, showed a critical thought.

"Having a clear faith, based on the creed of the church, is often labeled today as fundamentalism," he said at the Mass. "Whereas relativism, which is letting oneself be tossed and 'swept along by every wind of teaching,' looks like the only attitude acceptable to today's standards."
Cardinal Ratzinger has often criticized religious relativism, the belief - mistaken, he says - that all beliefs are equally true.
"We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one's own ego and one's own desires," he added. (link)

Relativism is my only option actually. I would not judge you for doing a wrong thing because having a different opinion or belief from me. I like to make friend with anyone but the idiot, because my relativism does not apply for a person who is too deficient in mind to be capable of rational conduct.

Being a fundamentalist? I don't think so. Concerning also my cosmopolitanism view lately, it's hard for me to accept that. I just got the spirit though, but not the application.

In fact, I'm a Christian-born Indonesian who has a bunch of Christian and Moslem friends and tries to socialise with the local churches in NZ. At the moment, I try to understand what is in the mind of people who naturally adopts agnosticism and secularism. It's a common phenomenon in here.

With or without Fonterra...

Fonterra’s strategies ensured it would be "big in the world" in 2020, said Ferrier. "There is no doubt in my mind about that. The question is, do we do it with you, or without you?" Ferrier, however, did manage to offer a bit of sunshine. Demand for high quality, low-cost dairy products would grow markedly by 2020, he said. Fonterra farmers had to unite, and manage milk growth, despite challenges such as water shortages and farming costs, Ferrier said. (link)
This statement came after a significant news about a small newest rival of Fonterra, Synlait Investments.
Synlait's 8500-strong herd at present accounts for only about 0.25 per cent of Fonterra's total, but it is looking to expand this to 40,000 within 10 years, using its farms or contract farms. On current production levels, Synlait stands to make just over $19 million from its Fonterra shares in 2007. Any expansion before then would involve buying more shares in Fonterra that would then have to be sold back. One subsidiary, Synlait Farms, will produce the milk and another, Synlait Milk, will process and market it. It is looking to export high value milk products, and aims to become a major niche player. (link)
What did the former minister say?

The fair value share bundled a milk commodity price with a return on the shareholding in the cooperative. At the end of this season, a farmer's capital investment in Fonterra would be about $6.15 a share. From Fonterra reports of a net 30 cents of the payout coming from adding value to the milk, Mr Luxton calculated a 5 per cent dividend on farmers' capital. "Holding Fonterra shares has been a good investment since deregulation, but like any share value, the future will depend upon the performance relative to others and the marketplace," he said. (link)

The main issue of capital structure in a dairy company that makes it's different from other industry is that, in my view, its financial leverage account considers domestic milk supply of the members. Most of its foreign term borrowings (denominated in USD term notes) has to be covered by the fair value of the co-operative shares owned by the farmers(denominated in NZD milk supply contract).

In global free market, it's kind of unique when the financial market directly meets the commodity market.

Apart from that, can I imagine here "a mobile dairy factory" that can sail around the globe to find cheap lands as well as picking up raw milk and dropping in milk product from one country's port to another?

Blog for Excel mania

If you think Excel is such an important application for your business and work, you would need more advance skill and knowledge of it. I found one good blog for Excel application. Just follow this link.

Forget to update website? Fine NZ$3,000

In NZ, if you forget to update your business website, you can get fined NZ$3,000 under Fair Trading Act in the matter of information misleading. (More news)

Once again, it is important to notice that truth and true information are above everything we should have more concern in publishing something on the net. Particularly on business and commercial matters. Even on personal matters. How do you feel when reading someone's blog that is full of lies, manipulation and some dodgy things?

On larger scale like in corporate blogging, Scobleizer has clearly emphasized truth and true information in the corporate weblog manifesto.

If Benny Hinn met John Paul II

If Pastor Benny Hinn met and healed Pope John Paul II in the name of Jesus Christ, it's gonna be a different story. Pope could still be alive.

My deep condolences to the death of Pope.

Thanks to Javascript and Java island

Thanks to Javascript that helps me a lot in making significant changes and nice effect on my blog.

I just wonder if there is any relationship between the term of "Java" in "Javascript" and the other "Java" term known as the main island of Indonesia.

Can anyone tell me about that?

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