His Resurrection saves my life

I'm afraid of death. It's normal, everyone's too.

However, I have religion and faith that makes me so humble and calm handling my fear. That isn't really normal as there are not so many people have religion and religious beliefs.

My feeling towards Jesus is getting stronger and stronger not because I'm such a Christian but my life experience has actually driven me this far. Several times He saved my life when I got very bad car accidents, meal poisoned, my head beaten by something and many more nearly death experience I had in my 20s.

But, the thing is that I always call upon His Name every time I got in trouble. I believe in luck but it sometimes means nothing for me because luck isn't really real as Jesus Christ.

I know Jesus came to the world as The Man, the Son of God. His Crucifixion and Resurrection is part of God's plan. He rules everyone's heart who believes in Him. His influence has been known throughout the world for 2000 years. (That is so long.) Even until this moment when science, technology and secularism have gradually been trying to replace His importance.

For me, His resurrection is still the most important thing the world ever has. It's something that can ease the way to the Heaven that we all don't have any idea what it's look like living in there. The Heaven. Not the Internet.


NZD/USD is too high, go to Vegas now!

Below is the capture of NZD/USD I made tonight at 12.50 am. (Updated to now)

I have made a support line (blue line) and the rate finally broke it. I believe for the next 4 weeks at least after Easter it would try to go down approaching .7100. My common sense is that the recent rates are too high, completely too high and needs adjustment.

Whatever the NZ's current account data and GDP would be like as it will be announced on next Wednesday and Thursday, it may not change market feeling of the overvalued NZD. That's enough, don't buy more NZD otherwise NZ milk and wool would be too expensive. Yeah right. More Kiwis can go to Vegas now, though.

Don't you feel it's cheaper to travel to US now than two years ago? For USD 10,000 travel budget, we spend about NZD 20,000 two years ago, but today only NZD 13,700.

Overall, NZD/USD appears in a strong up-trend line since October 2001. However, stabilisation NZD/USD, in my opinion, may occur between .60 - .80 for the next five years. Then, there are two options for the financial authority: keep floating and/or currency union with the Aussie.

Daylight saving time finishes

Today daylight saving time finishes and the standard time is back to normal time according to the law.

It's been about six month since it commenced.

Thanks God to give us the authority to change the time as we like for our best.

Today's church service started one hour later and carried on as usual.

Talking about daylight saving time, I wonder how much time I can save in Heaven and how Jesus fills my world time for some grace I have at this moment. Amen.

BPL: Broadband over Power Line


For a 2 Mbit/sec connection, how many browsers should I open?

Unclaimed Tax Money

Check this out: Unclaimed Money.

Who knows you still have some money you haven't claimed from the bank, insurance or other institution.

Safer Way Using Credit Card

We often confuse when the credit card bill is over limit and may threaten the other cash flows.

First of all, never let the outstanding credit card bill increases! Just pay off the bill right now and keep it at zero balance! Never try to obtain any more finance to pay off the bill!

Secondly, our fortnightly or monthly income should consistently be arranged in priority order for:

  • Basic living costs: mortgage installments or rent payments, meals, electricity & water, telephone, clothing, health.
  • Risk management: emergency fund in call deposit, house & content insurance, health & medical insurance, life insurance, car insurance.
  • Retirement planning and/or time deposits and/or financial market investments.
  • Happy family expenses: dinner out, shopping, movie, holiday, travel.
  • Capital investments: child education, property, gold, business investment.
  • Share with the world in donation or charity.
  • Life style assets: cars, boats, antiques, etc.

Thirdly, setting emergency fund in call deposit needs to be related to the credit card limit.

  • Credit card limit = approximately 50% of call deposit balance
  • The limit is set in flexible cap as arranged with bank.
  • In normal condition, the limit is set at minimum limit to avoid the risk of fraud or for self spending control.
  • When needed, for example: overseas travel, entertain client, family event, call the bank 24/7 to negotiate a temporary limit increase against the balance of the call deposit.
  • Then after use, pay off with the call deposit and decrease the limit again straightaway.

That’s, in my opinion, the safer way using credit card.

In conclusion, credit card is only for emergency.

One More Student Democracy

"Martyrs' Square in Beirut resembled a pop festival for much of this week as hundreds of student demonstrators sheltered from the Mediterranean sun in tatty tents and makeshift shelters in downtown Beirut, plotting how to proceed with their anti-Syria protest.
There were ideological communists and orthodox Christians, Druze socialists and Shia activists, all preaching a message of unity, while passing round bottles of mineral water to the beat of pop music from CD players. " The New Zealand Herald

"Lebanon's cabinet resigned on Monday after two weeks of protests which were sparked off by the assassination of the former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri.
All religious sects are out there, holding hands in a rare show of unityThe death of Hariri has been blamed on Syria, and there have been calls on Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon." BBC News

BBC pictures:

"Controlling one country does not mean controlling the people."

Feedburner and Bloglines for Blogspot User

As a Blogspot user (Blogger.com), the URL of the Atom XML file is my only choice for feed format and normally appears in normal text rather than in source code. For example: anymatters appears in atom text.

One day I wanted to view it in the form of original source code in three different feeds, i.e., RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom. For example: anymatters appears in Atom source code, anymatters appears in RSS 1.0 source code, anymatters viewed in RSS 2.0 source code.

Then, I wanted to subscribe those feeds in Bloglines.com for others to collect my feeds in different alternatives of syndication formats.

I used Feedburner.com to convert my original Atom XML feed URL into three feed formats. I did it one by one by entering my original Atom.xml URL.

I checked the "Convert Format Burner" and choosed RSS 1.0 and named the URL as "anymatters/rss1". Next, I activated my new feed. I did it again for RSS 2.0 and Atom, so that I have 3 different URLs in 3 different feed formats.

Then, I went to Bloglines.com and found that my blog URL only has one available feed originally provided by Atom. I then subscribed for each of my feed URLs I got from Feedburner's service.

Finally, my blog URL has four available feeds in Bloglines.com. I did it.

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