His Resurrection saves my life

I'm afraid of death. It's normal, everyone's too.

However, I have religion and faith that makes me so humble and calm handling my fear. That isn't really normal as there are not so many people have religion and religious beliefs.

My feeling towards Jesus is getting stronger and stronger not because I'm such a Christian but my life experience has actually driven me this far. Several times He saved my life when I got very bad car accidents, meal poisoned, my head beaten by something and many more nearly death experience I had in my 20s.

But, the thing is that I always call upon His Name every time I got in trouble. I believe in luck but it sometimes means nothing for me because luck isn't really real as Jesus Christ.

I know Jesus came to the world as The Man, the Son of God. His Crucifixion and Resurrection is part of God's plan. He rules everyone's heart who believes in Him. His influence has been known throughout the world for 2000 years. (That is so long.) Even until this moment when science, technology and secularism have gradually been trying to replace His importance.

For me, His resurrection is still the most important thing the world ever has. It's something that can ease the way to the Heaven that we all don't have any idea what it's look like living in there. The Heaven. Not the Internet.



Steve Friday, 01 April, 2005  

Hopefully you'll forgive me for what I'm about to say. I'm just trying to offer a different opinion.

Up until last year, I considered myself a devout Catholic. Unfortunately, I can't say that anymore.

First, people like Bush and his followers bastardize Christianity in the name of bigotry when they profess that God disapproves of homosexuality. At first, I wrote this off as the ravings of one man. But the Bible does condemn homosexuality. If the Bible is the word of God, then apparently God discriminates against 10% of the population. That's not the only problem with the Bible, but it's one of the more glaring right now. I can't believe that He would tell people to discriminate against his own creations.

But another thing has always bothered me: why aren't you God? Think about it - why is God God and why aren't you God? It's really depressing to think that we don't have control of our lives and owe our existence to someone else who can extinguish it at the flick of a "finger."

And finally, who would want to live forever? It would get terribly boring.

I'm not trying to put down your beliefs in any way. I still believe in the principles of Christianity, and I sincerely hope that perhaps the Bible was marred by human error and God is much greater than He is described. On the other hand, the idea that there's just heaven and hell seems far too simplistic. The real truth is probably beyond our current comprehension.

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Anonymous Friday, 01 April, 2005  

Hi Steve, thanks for your comment and alternative opinion.

The simple thing is that when I get lost, I pray to Jesus to show me the way. Although I realise that my own rationale would much help me to figure something out.

I wanna live forever that's why I create this blog. So, there two kinds of media space that can make me live forever: the Internet and Heaven.

Upon my death, my blog will stay forever in the internet while my spirit will go to Heaven. It's cool aye? 

Posted by jeffry

Anonymous Sunday, 03 April, 2005  

mas, yg komen diatas g ya? hati2 nanti naksir mas lho, aku yg bingung. 

Posted by Nina

Anonymous Wednesday, 05 October, 2005  

“We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”
- Herman Melville

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