Rugby at Westpac Stadium

I've never watched rugby live at the stadium before. But lucky me that ING (NZ) just gave me a chance to watch rugby at Westpac Stadium from its corporate box. So excited...

Aaron, a good guy (senior manager) from ING (wearing a black long sleeve in the photo below) invited me as a rep from Lyfords. The invitation was actually for Kirsty, but she couldn't come so I didn't waste the opportunity. Drink (wine, beer etc) and dinner (lamb stew I think) were provided before the game. Hmmm... nice. Thanks a lot, Aaron.

The ING corporate box consists of two parts: the lounge inside (with lounge set, dining table, bar, and of course a private toilet) and the 3-row balcony outside. The photos below were taken from outside.

The game was such an easy game for Hurricanes since Lions is apparently underdog.

Short clip

Happy Birthday to Me

This morning just before going to work I was quite surprise finding that Nina and Kezia prepared a little celebration for my birthday. Thanks love.

Another suprise was when they both suddenly came up to the office. Kirsty actually had phoned Nina the day before asking her to come to the office around morning tea time as Alison and Richard had prepared a little party and a cake. Thanks for everything Alison, Richard and Kirsty.

I'm officially old, but relatively young. Relax...

"Pakatuan wo Pakalowiren to me"

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