One More Student Democracy

"Martyrs' Square in Beirut resembled a pop festival for much of this week as hundreds of student demonstrators sheltered from the Mediterranean sun in tatty tents and makeshift shelters in downtown Beirut, plotting how to proceed with their anti-Syria protest.
There were ideological communists and orthodox Christians, Druze socialists and Shia activists, all preaching a message of unity, while passing round bottles of mineral water to the beat of pop music from CD players. " The New Zealand Herald

"Lebanon's cabinet resigned on Monday after two weeks of protests which were sparked off by the assassination of the former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri.
All religious sects are out there, holding hands in a rare show of unityThe death of Hariri has been blamed on Syria, and there have been calls on Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon." BBC News

BBC pictures:

"Controlling one country does not mean controlling the people."


Anonymous Wednesday, 16 March, 2005  

mas, cewek lebanon cantik-cantik juga ya...
he he he... 

Posted by nina

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