Loyalty and Opportunity to Betray

I suddenly come up with two terms, i.e., loyalty and opportunity to betray. In a more clear sense, this can be interpreted as that one's loyalty of someone, some peer, something or some matter can in turn create an opportunity to betray such thing, if a conflict or dissatisfaction arises.

This kind of opportunity can be so much destructive as the accumulated gain of loyalty creates the best understanding of one's situation. The impact can be so deep.

Human naturally follows order. The obvious example is that we always follow instructions.

After a while, we well understand the instruction and start making a critical review when burdens are met. This critical review is that what I mean with opportunity to betray.

Are you going to betray your friend, association, lover, boss, company, family, tribe, country, religion, ideology, etc? Because of some critical review which actually arose from a conflict or dissatisfaction? I think not.

Because loyalty may have distracted your view at the beginning.


Anonymous Friday, 21 October, 2005  

Loyalty ? Very good. To betray ? Awazzz yaaa !!! 

Posted by nina

Anonymous Sunday, 23 October, 2005  

Don't worry, I will just blow out that opportunity. 

Posted by Jeffry

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