Wellington, Sleep in and Taxi

I'm in Wellington at the moment and away from Hamilton City, Nina and Kezia. I'm doing a block course for 6 days and have just finished the first subject; and then will start the second subject tomorrow. I think I might only get 65-75% of total mark of the test this morning. It's moderate, isn't it?

I set the alarm 6 a.m. last night. However, because of a glass of red wine I had last night at the hotel bar after study, I slept in, didn't wake at all! No, I think I did wake up, but just continued sleeping.

I don't know how but I just automatically woke up at 9.15am, 30 minutes prior to the test. That's fortunate! Thanks to God Almighty who send "the wake-up angel" to me this morning.

I got up, didn't take a shower; but at least brushed my teeth, washed my face and splashed my shirt with perfume.

I took a taxi, not a bus! The point is that lateness always costs me.


muhnur Friday, 14 October, 2005  

good luck with ur course mate. 

Posted by Serabi Singapura

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