Google Feed Reader

I just want to synchronise my feed reader, blog and email, that's why I just exported all feeds from my Bloglines Feed Reader to Google Feed Reader. I found this via William (

And, below is how I did it:

1. Make sure you have saved your OPML file (as .xml) taken from any Feed Reader (such as Bloglines). It's recommended to retrieve the OPML file using Internet Explorer and save it as .xml.
2. Login to Google Reader
3. Click Your Subscription
4. Click the More Actions dropdown
5. Select Import
6. Browse for your OPML file
7. Click Open
8. Click Upload
9. You will see the following displayed until it is done: "Your subscriptions are being imported..."

Now, I can read someone's post in my google feed reader (when I have time), then, email it to a friend or blog it onto my blogspot straight away.

Right, can I say here that google has a sophisticated system?

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