Dell Order Tracking

Dell Order Number 367040067 Customer PO Number
Ship State AKL Post Code 2001
Number of Boxes 1 Final Weight 8.0 KG

Event Date Event Time Status Event Status Info
10/11/04 12:00 Ex Factory Order Ex Factory
10/11/04 20:51 Intl Transport Loading for Export
13/11/04 00:00 Intl Arrival Arrival at Destination Country
14/11/04 12:41 Cleared Cleared at Destination Customs
16/11/04 13:33 Dispatch Dispatched to local courier
16/11/04 21:59 Estimate Estimated Delivery on or after 17/11

Hurry up, dude!

The day before...
I checked out the status of my order from yesterday.
It says that my new Dell is being shipped to NZ. It has passed the process of production and delivery preparation.
It has exited the factory at 12:00 on 10 Nov 2004 and transported internationally at 20:51 in the evening with destination to Auckland.
However, I have to be patient.
Just wait...


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