SkypeOut is cheap

Recently, I've made several phone calls to Indonesia using SkypeOut and found it's gratefully cheap.

Talking about 13.5 minutes costed me Eur 0.462, or with a painful exchange-rate nowadays equals to Rp5,773 or NZD0.82. So, it's about Rp427 or NZD0.06 per minute. However, it's more more expensive for calls to Manado, about Eur 0.086 or Rp1,74 or NZD0.15. Strange, Manado is part of Indonesia you see.

I'm now considering to buy SkypeIn, so that my family and friends can get a cheap price too when they call me. But, there's no SkypeIn number available for Indonesia. Fantastic...


Anonymous Wednesday, 07 September, 2005  

Salamat datang (sp?),

I notice you have posted on the high NZD before and I have a piece you may be interested in reading here . I haven't got a full grasp of the forces keeping it so high - they may defend it if it fell too fast. Anyway it makes the USD good buying now as you posted in March when we were at 73c! 

Posted by t selwyn

Anonymous Thursday, 08 September, 2005  

Thanks Mr. Selwyn, that's a right spelling. NZ is cool and so is your blog. 

Posted by jeffry

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