Feeding your baby

Since I don't have any milk container attached up on my body, so this is my great pleasure feeding my baby. It isn't just for me but for every daddy, I suggest.

Ok, forget the feeding thing for a while. Yesterday, 17 Sep 2005, NZ conducted a general election Vote05. Our family is registered for Hamilton East electorate and the nearest pooling booth is at Knighton Normal School. We're happy to do this because we do this for our future as a migrant family in NZ.
>>> The result: national overall and Hamilton East.


Anonymous Monday, 19 September, 2005  

"...milk container attached up on..." wat the hell is that? any better command of english language? 

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous Monday, 26 September, 2005  

Wadoh...kok blog nya udah bagus2 dianeh2in lagi. Jadi bener2 aneh...gak suka kita gak suka....!!!
Udah gak futuristik lagi papa...tapi jadinya aneh bin norak. Terutama garis2nya itu lho !!! ;((

Posted by Nina

Anonymous Sunday, 02 October, 2005  

belom bisa feeding neh soalnya clara baru 20 hari...
cool blog friend :) 

Posted by muhnur

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