First Audio Posting

Time flies, I've been blogging for about one year. Yes, I'm a new blogger who came at the time after blogging was booming. Everyone's blogging, so am I. I just followed the trend. Despite blogging is quite important for me, it in fact has a good impact; and, I believe blogging is my freewill.

Listen to my first audioblog (podcast) hosted by ourmedia:

I wanted to make it in my own language (Bahasa), but I'd rather you to correct my English. This podcast is made by actually reading through my old posting.

Moreover, have a listen to our baby Kezia audioblog in her happy language.


Anonymous Saturday, 17 September, 2005  

Papa, blog-nya makin bagus ya. Tampak lebih "futuristik". Kita suka deh...
Btw, suaranya papa juga bagus lho...

Posted by Nina

Anonymous Saturday, 17 September, 2005  

Thanks Ma. Btw, bisikannya gimana? bagus nggak? 

Posted by jeffry

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