Anymatters-photoblog turns one year

Started with 40 photos uploaded in the first month last year then 16 photos for the second month, I continued reducing my uploads for time reason. Until now I'm lucky if I can upload 4 photos for the month. I now have more concern with kezianagallery than anymatters photoblog, but some think both are the same.

Uploaded from using Picasa+Hello until now blogged directly from Flickr using "blog this". Blogging from Flickr, I need however to omit the style tag in order to be valid XHTML. I also joined, but no one has tagged me. That's okay.

Anyway, I realy enjoy it.

I will never be a pro, but look this photo, titled "a big click, a big archive". This photo was exhibited in one gallery in my town for a local photo competition. However, this was not a winner, only a nomination. That's okay.

In creating a topical photo in my photoblog, I first use my instinct for making a snap of something. I sometime snap people by snipping and sneaking, eventhough it sounds illegal in this country. Then, I use my imagination to title the photo. There's no particular topic I choose to maintain as it comes after "anymatters".

This one is my favourite and was actually the first uploaded photo.


Unknown Friday, 09 June, 2006  

nice picture Jef, gallerynya oke :)

Anymatters Saturday, 10 June, 2006  

thanks Akbar, just once of the time n that it, never went further.

Anonymous Sunday, 11 June, 2006  

Hi Jeff,

Kunjungi dong site ini

berdiskusi-ria-lah dgn Tou Minahasa Globally

Thanks mate

PornStar (PStar)
Gold Coast Aussie

Anonymous Sunday, 11 June, 2006  

sapa dang cap tikus pornstar ini. ngana ley... kiapa anonymous?

Anonymous Monday, 12 June, 2006  


Yg kita lia selama hidup di dunia ini, yg SUSAH dicari adalah berteman & berbaik terhadap sesama,dan paling gampang adalah cari musuh!

Kita kwa cuma mo cari kenal dgn sesama kawanua,dan mudah2an kalo angko deng keluarga ada mo pigi di Gold Coast boleh mampir di toran pe tampa

utk semantara ber-anonymus boleh dong,but kalo angko ada sering2 visit fordis sulutlink dan lia itu foto2 di galery of kita pe foto ada disitu, diambe di jkt waktu torang para netters ada baku dapa sebelum natal 2005 di jln johar sebelah pasar boplo.

thats all for now mate
keep up your good work

Anonymous Monday, 12 June, 2006

pake singlet abu2 logo "Polo Club"
thats me


Anymatters Tuesday, 13 June, 2006  

Makase voor ngana pe atensi pa ta pe blog. Iyo, pasti ta singga akang tu website. Viva kawanua! Thanks PStar.

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