How to change and lay a new carpet

When it comes to winter, it's important to take attention to the carpet. Such an old and thin carpet would not be sufficient to restore heat in a room. Below is how to change and lay a new carpet. Credits for Michael Lynch, Huntly, NZ.

Empty the rooms. Stuff can go to yard and kitchen. You can put your stuff in the toilet but it is not recommended because you're gonna need it. It's one day job. In the kitchen, make sure no stuff blocks the fridge and microwave in case of having lunch.

Strip off the old carpet and the old padding lied underneath, using hand and a stripping scoop.

Lay the new padding (rubber is recommended) using a stepgun and install the new tackless stip if necessary. The carpet end is to be attached over the tackless strip. The seam glue is to be applied over the padding. After the seam glue is applied, the capet needs to be attached immediately.

To attach the carpet, use a power stretcher, a knee kicker, a hammer and a slider. This should start from one corner. Attach the carpet in one corner using the knee kicker and the hammer to hook the carpet onto the tackless strip. The slider is used to slide the carpet edge under the skirt board. After carpet is attached in one corner of the room, stretch the carpet in the other corner using the power stretcher that is put across the room, where the base holds the wall at the other end that was just hooked. Press down the lever to stretch the carpet and attach it to the tackless strips.


Ujang Friday, 02 June, 2006  

Dude, this is useful and interesting in a weird way (nice backyard by the way), but that whole thing about Ucok Nasution was ten times more intriguing. Hopefully you find him soon.

Anymatters Saturday, 03 June, 2006  

thank you, i'm just trying to include any things, any matters i suppose. he was a friend from ten years ago.

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