One of my photos exhibited at ArtPost Building

My previous post urged me that I have to do something in the real world instead of on the internet.

It becomes a reality when I participated in one local photo competition. One of my photos titled "A Big Click, A Big Archive" shown at ArtPost Building, Hamilton.

It's quite a hobby for me, but at least, I've utilised my digicam for even-better purposes, fun and self-appreciation.

Gallery B, one ot the photos is mine ArtPost Building, where the photo exhibition held It'is my photo exhibited It's me at the exhibition


Anonymous Monday, 01 August, 2005  

Congratulations ya...meskipun gak menang yang penting lolos seleksi untuk dipajang di Artpost Building, Hamilton (at least, jadi satu2nya orang di KBMI Hamilton yang partisipasi). Berarti hobby selalu bawa camera dan click sana sini gak sia-sia. Hehehe ;p
We are proud of you pa !!! ^_~ 

Posted by nina

Anonymous Monday, 01 August, 2005  

Jeffry, congratulations on your achievement. Terus berkarya, good luck.  

Posted by dw

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