No.1 Yahoo Search Result for "Jeffry"

As of today, Aug 1st, 2005, regardless of Google result, Anymatters is the no.1 result in Yahoo! search engine for my first name "Jeffry". Beating up the other 525,000 "American Jeffry". Yay. I'm proud to be "Indonesian Jeffry".

Yes, that's one of my blogging goal. Wannabe popular by means of internet. (!)

Gee, what for, Jeffry? Try something better in the real world, OK.


Anonymous Monday, 01 August, 2005  

i dont now mine at google ...spion?...but something else at youre adres is it aug 1 en here stil it is jul 31 :P...have a nice day...greetings 

Posted by spion

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