My Father Passed Away and Got Everything Done in Wellington

Oh Jesus, God Our Saviour, take my father just by your side for his eternal life.

Rotorua, New Zealand, 2003Papa in Tokyo 1990

He is really my good man in this world, source of my good spirit that has made me to always loyal to You, Jesus, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Today, at 2pm Jakarta time, I just lost my father, Freddy Engelbert Liando. I'm still in New Zealand right now and couldn't get any earlier flight than I've got now. I don't think I would get so much time to see him before the funeral. But, I'll be there on Wednesday evening and kiss him for the last time.

-------------- In Wellington -----------

As my Indonesian passport expired, I've got the new one from Indonesian Embassy of New Zealand in Wellington. Thanks to the Consular team (Pak Arie dan Pak Toary Worang) for processing it in a couple of hours.

As my Returning Resident's Visa expired, I've got the indefinite one from New Zealand Immigration Service of Wellington Branch. Thanks to the lady that I don't even know her name for processing it even after office hours.

I much appreciate and am very grateful to these efforts.

I'm now heading to Wellington Airport to stay and sleep there until my check-in time at 5 am.

Also, thanks to Novi who had taken me to Hamilton Airport this morning.

Most importantly, to my lovely wife, Nina, for supporting me and helping me in booking, packing, and everything!


Anonymous Sunday, 07 August, 2005  

Jeff, be thankful to the Lord. He makes everything beautiful in His time. He is never late as He is our Jehovah Jireh.

Your dad is now happy in heaven. We will meet him there one day.  

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous Sunday, 07 August, 2005  

Dear Jeffry, Nina and Kezia...

Kalau Tuhan mengijinkan ini semua terjadi pada kalian...artinya Dia akan memberikan kekuatan dan penghiburan buat kalian.
Tuhan sayang kalian...

love from, Rina-Josh- and Jason 

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous Monday, 29 August, 2005  

ikut berduka cita jeff 

Posted by enda

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