Dell benefits from the bird flu outbreak

I don't think it's entirely true, however it's still logical. If there is such an outbreak outside my house, I may not think to buy a laptop or computer. I would think how my family will survive from the outbreak.

Moreover, if I am the CEO of Dell, I would spontaineously help donating some money for research and development to prevent and overcome the outbreak.

Computer manufacturer Dell's direct-to-customer sales could allow it to turn a bird-flu outbreak into a revenue booster by letting buyers avoid shopping in public, the company's chief executive said today.

"We deliver to homes," said Dell CEO Kevin Rollins. "People don't have to come to stores."

During the Sars epidemic, "our business in China boomed," he said, because people were either quarantined or sequestered themselves at home in order to avoid coming in contact with the deadly virus.



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