East Timor a Forgotten Country

One of NZ blogs is suddenly discussing the Dili massacre and still asking to put Suharto on trial re this case. The overall crime can be considered as genocide.

This posting takes into account the news report from The Australian (UN Verdict on East Timor.

It documents a litany of massacres, thousands of summary executions of civilians and the torture of 8500 East Timorese - with horrific details of public beheadings, the mutilation of genitalia, the burying and burning alive of victims, use of cigarettes to burn victims, and ears and genitals being lopped off to display to families.
In my view that most people may have already forgotten, that in the 70s, East Timor was controlled by a considerably Marxist power in South East Asia (and from now on). Therefore, neither Indonesia nor Australia liked that some kind of power in the neighbourhood.

But suddenly in the late 90s, the East Timor's gas and oil reserve convinced Westerners that they can take the East Timor from Indonesia territorry, and change East Timor become a new democratic country. How come? Once East Timor is a Marxist country, it will be forever. Neither used to be before the Indonesia era, nor now.


Unknown Sunday, 22 January, 2006  

sorry jauh dari tema entries, masih belajar jeff :) css pas2an banyak tag yang double malas editna euy :) salam aja ya thank's for corrections..emang gak valid di w3cs apalagi :))

Anonymous Thursday, 26 January, 2006  

care to elaborate please?
jef, bisa buktikan bhw timtim dikontrol marxist power di 70s? gue malah baru denger...mereka itu siapa? any links/references?

Anonymous Thursday, 26 January, 2006  

Rocker, everyone knows that FRETILIN was a Marxist party at that time, set by a bunch of Marxist students educated in Portugal. They implemented a model of ‘Marxist’ guerrilla force to fight TNI. Same model like in Latin America. Just find the references with keywords "East Timor, Fretilin, Marxist". Some remain Marxists until now, but some could be keen to grap the gas and oil for their own family until the 7th generation, I guess so, I'm not sure on this one.

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