I Miss "Cakalang Fufu"

Oh God, I miss "cakalang fufu sous rica" plus "roa" and "kangkung cah" for my dinner's mains today. I'd also like to have a cup of "es kacang merah"for dessert. This is my today's wishlist.

Can anyone spoil me?

"Cakalang" is actually skipjack tuna fish. "Fufu sous rica" is the way of how it is prepared as being smoked and fried with chilly sweet sauce.

"Roa" is like crushed dried fish. I'm not sure what the term is in English.

"Kangkung" is a kind of leafly vegetables. "Cah" is the way of how it is cooked as being stirfried with garlic and other spices.

"Es kacang merah" is a kind of kidney beans ice cocktail.


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