What does it mean?

I washed my hands with face soap and my face with hand soap. What does it mean?

It means that I will never forget what I've done. And next time, I'm going to do it again correctly.

My palm of hands and face have different skin types and also different function. However, for some occasions, I need to wash them.

When I wash my hands, I don't touch my face. While I'm doing this, I can either smile, laugh or be glum.

When I wash my face, I definitely touch it. While I'm doing this, and I don't think I have such kind of expression on my face.

Tangan mencincang, bahu memikul. Hands mincing, shoulders holding.
Those who are guilty will get punishment.

Lempar batu, sembunyi tangan. Stones thrown, hands hidden.
Hiding what have you done.

Membasuh arang di muka. Washing charcoal streak on your face.
Embarrassment is to be forgotten.

Membasuh muka dengan air liur. Washing your face with your spittle.
Keep telling lies, mistakes get bigger.

I mean it. So, help me God.


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