A colicky baby

It can be frustrating sometimes when it happens.

Our baby cries for a couple of hours almost at a same time every day or two days. She's actually a pretty healthy 1-month baby who likes laughing and smiling at us. But, every time we finish our dinner around 7.30 pm the symptom starts.

According to our doctor, the cause of colic is understandable but the symptoms is real. Then, I consult the Internet and find out that it's not really a physical problem. It's more like a psychological phenomenon. She could be so nervous, frightened and lost and then got stomachache.

I can imagine how she is experiencing a new environment outside her mom's womb.

Anyway, I can also be so nervous, frightened and lost sometimes when I feel so weak. In that case, I would frustrate my wife. He he he...


Anonymous Saturday, 19 February, 2005  

Memang kalo baby kena colic, kita ortunya bisa nervous. Tapi sejauh ortunya bisa kerjasama saling bantu & dukung, maka baby akan tenang dan sembuh dgn cepat. Karena tdk ada kerjasama, maka si ibu makin stres & trauma dan itu sangat mempengaruhi jiwa anak. Jadi PLEASE deh...si bapak ngertiin & bantu si ibu, jangan EGOISlah !!!

Anonymous Saturday, 19 February, 2005  
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Anymatters Friday, 25 February, 2005  

Aduh mama koq complainnya di blog sih. Kenapa ga ngomong langsung aja? Maaf deh. Kan papa ga ngerti. Baru tau setelah cek infonya di web. Nanti papa kasih tau gimana solusinya.

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