Too hectic in Jakarta?

I've just got email from my high school dude saying that I might have felt too hectic living in Jakarta that's why I've moved to NZ.

Actually, it's not like that, aye.

I consider that I've upgraded my country of residence for the purpose of chasing a better environment for my family. Nothing is more.

A hectic situation can happen everywhere. However, the ecosystem and social system may differ from one place to another. Different country, different people, different infrastructure and different kind of social interaction.

Jakarta population is around 12,000,000 people, whereas Hamilton is only around 197,000 people. New Zealand overall population is about 4,000,000 people. Auckland, which is the biggest city in NZ is around 1,000,000.

It's not relevant to compare Jakarta with Hamilton. Maybe, we can compare Jakarta with Auckland as both are metropolitan cities.

In rush hours, they both are about the same in terms of traffic jams and people crossing around. The different is that Auckland environment is more manageable and controllable than Jakarta.


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