Anglo-American and Non-Anglo-American

Anglo-American and Non-Anglo-American are regular terms that have been used recently in International Economics, Business and Finance for distinguishing the economic power dominance between two biggest economic blocks. This may take into account today's conception of balance of power, game theory and cultural restoration.

We can say that the Anglo-American corporations are the corporations originated in the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand (English speaking countries). Meanwhile, the Non-Anglo-American corporations are the corporations originated in Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and other developed countries.

Why do we need to use or even be aware with this term?

The thing is that both groups are going to potentially establish kind of world financial supremacy as what happened when the USSR and the USA had been performing their military supremacy not long ago.

Is there any connection with the global economic war that may trigger such a global physical war? It may probably be, I suppose.

It is possible because economic or financial clashes may normally trigger fighting in every term of manifestation. People try to increase their own share and profit and if they can get those, the others may in turn get losses.

Moreover, history tells us that a few of them may still have unfinished business and revenge with each other.

An economic/financial clash between the Anglo-American countries and the Non-Anglo-American countries? I have no idea. Could be. But don't know when.


Anonymous Tuesday, 21 September, 2004  

Hey Jeff, please notice this. There are no such Anglo-American and Non-Anglo-American countries. It is true that the most powerful multinational banks come from such countries. However, some text books have quoted just as you say. Your idea is a kind of regular terms of millennium paranoia for the coming of neo-imperialism in economics and finance.

Anonymous Saturday, 04 June, 2005  

One thing, we have to accept that something big needs divisions.

Now, I can say that I can divide Anglo-American into Anglo (The UK, South Africa, Australia, NZ) and American (The USA and Canada). Both have similar power.

That only comes up from my simple sense. Simple is good. 

Posted by jeffry

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