Web design: speed, valid, simple and creative

Web designing is fun and this weekend I managed to redesign my blog considering factors of speed, valid, simple and creative.

Speed. I managed to speed up my home page until 8.15 seconds for 56Kbps connection and 2.94 seconds for 1.44Mbps connection according to the report from WebsiteOptimization.com. I've reduced some images and optimised some CSS and XHTML scripts. What is your speed?

Valid. Optimising some scripts, this web page is however still valid CSS and valid XHTML. There are some many scripts can be used to create a website, but only some scripts are actually valid, including one to embed a flash file (.swf) into a web page.

Simple. I managed to include only important hyperlink texts in the web page and let visitors' curiosity goes from there. Post entries and related images are the result and consequence of clicking that come after the simplicity and for the completion to satisfy the curiosity.

Creative. Inspired by emergy-C, I still keep the option of low energy colour to view my web pages. The idea is to reduce electricity power.

I really want to reduce the download time to 5 seconds for 56Kbps and 2 second for 1.44Mbps if it's possible.


Anonymous Tuesday, 12 June, 2007  

That is a smart way to measure what you want to achieve; SVSC (Speed, Valid, Simple and Creative).

Anonymous Thursday, 14 June, 2007  

SVSC, hmmm nice. thanks Ben. i feel like a pro.

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