Gaza Strip and West Bank: there's no such a thing as a power sharing

Any winning revolution or liberation may end up to a power sharing between the elements in the movement. The one ultimate goal is now divided into some separate goals of the elements. Such power sharing will never happen whatsoever.

As we know Palestinian National Authority (PNA) consists of the area of Gaza Strip and West Bank. For many years prior to its independence, Hamas had been figthing for Gaza Strip while Fatah under Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) had been figthing for West Bank. Today, Hamas dominant force is centered in Gaza Strip and Fatah dominant force is centered in West Bank.

Fighting between Fatah and Hamas has occured several times since PNA independence. The last result could be concluded that if Hamas might establish a new Gaza Strip government, Fatah might then establish a new West Bank government.

Since independence in March 2003, PNA has 5 prime ministers, 3 from Fatah, 1 appointed from Hamas, after it won a democratic legislative election in Jan 2006, and the latest PM is from the Third Way, the unity of Fatah-Hamas government, appointed 3 days ago 15 Jun 2007.

Assume there's no such a thing as a power sharing government, Palestinian National Authority (PNA) might be divided into two states of one Palestinian nation: Gaza Strip State and West Bank State.


Anonymous Wednesday, 11 July, 2007  

I agree with you that in executive branch, there is no need to share power because that's one of the functions of election; to determine who will govern the nation. In contrary, legislative branch is the one should reflect the representative all the parties or political groups from the entire nation. That's why, it is also called House of Representative.

Anonymous Sunday, 22 July, 2007  

i support beni and i think that border should not be shared

Anonymous Monday, 23 July, 2007  

Beni and Scott

Gaza Strip and West Bank are in separate location, where Israel is between them.

Both also have comparative advantages in terms of natural resources, thus being a separate economy this may benefit them on the grounds of regional trading, as selling the commodity to Israel or other Middle East countries.

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