Joost Invitations to send

Finally, Joost team just gave me 3 invitations to send. I reserve 1 invitation for family and 2 invitations are to be sent to anyone who wants it. Please leave your first name, last name and email address in the comment below. Cheers and welcome to Joost TV.

Important Notes for Joost

  • Windows system requirement: Windows XP Service Pack 2 with DirectX 9.0c; Pentium 4 processor, 1GHz; 512Mb or more RAM; A modern video card with DirectX support and at least 32Mb of VRAM; About 500 MB free disk space
  • The Joost software is a 10 MB download, expanding to 30-35 MB on disk. The remainder is used as a cache
  • Broadband/ADSL (1Mbit/s downstream, 512Kbit/s upstream recommended, although lower speeds may well work)
  • Joost is a streaming video application, and so uses a relatively high amount of bandwidth per hour. In 1 hour of viewing, 320 Mb will be downloaded and 105 Mb uploaded, which means that a 1 Gb cap will be exhausted in about 10 hours.
  • If you pay for your bandwidth usage per megabyte or have your usage capped by your ISP, you should be careful to always exit the Joost program completely when you are finished watching it.
  • To stop using bandwidth, you need to exit the program entirely as follows: Right-click on the Joost icon in the system tray (at the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and choose Exit.


Sorry, this post is closed for comments. Please come to this one as I have more Joost invites for you. Thanks.


Anonymous Friday, 27 April, 2007  

Just read your post. I have been looking for Joost invitation like crazy... any chancee of getting one??


Charlie Pappa

Roman Friday, 27 April, 2007  

I'd very much appreciate an invite.

First: Roman
Last: Edirisinghe

Luca Friday, 27 April, 2007  

Thanks for invitation!

Luca Crimella

季为 Friday, 27 April, 2007  

thanks for invitation ,

Nadeem Lalani Friday, 27 April, 2007  

I would appreciate an invite.

Nadeem Lalani

Anonymous Monday, 30 April, 2007  

thanks for invitation.

Anonymous Tuesday, 01 May, 2007  

jml -

you ROCK. Joost is amazing. Thanks for the invite.


Charlie P

anymatters Friday, 04 May, 2007  

i think i've sent everyone an invitation. enjoy it.

Anonymous Monday, 07 May, 2007  

hey anymatters,

Can I get a Joost invite?

Thanks, You are the best!
cajunsites -at- yahoo -dot- com

Anonymous Monday, 07 May, 2007  

Hi, have you still got invitation for joost?

my email is michelbugeja[at]rabatmalta[dott]com

Thanks and Regards

anymatters Tuesday, 08 May, 2007  

Sorry, this post is closed for comments. Please come to this one as I have more Joost invites for you. Thanks.

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