Every Step Has Dignity

We don’t go somewhere that we don’t know the way is. However, our life has spirit that can show the way where we should take our steps. If we remain in our place, staying still, our spirit will be one with our soul to understand why we should go next.

There are choices, to stop or to move on. People tend to stop after exhausted and move on after refreshing. In general, the whole process needs continuation until we find the purpose of something and reach the expectation.

We are scare to be failed, but on the other hand, we dare to fail. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, but we believe that faith is everything. We think to find out that our situation is affected by something in someway. Then, we assess carefully any potential threat that can jeopardise our steps.

In our view, self-consciousness gives limitation to the relationship with others. As success may come from others’ recognitions and acknowledgements, we then include others to take part in our steps. Nevertheless, we may face that our success could be taken for granted by others as their own.

Finally, the most important thing in our journey is that every step we take has dignity.


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