English Cricket Team

As a country where the cricket game originated, England has performed not very well since 1960. Never been the champion.

England failed to win a series against the West Indies between 1969 and 2000. England similarly failed to compete with Australia for a long period and the The Ashes stayed in Australian hands between 1989 and 2005. England struggled against other nations over this period as well and after a series loss to New Zealand in 1999 they were ranked at the bottom of the ICC Test cricket ratings. From 2000, English cricket had a resurgence and England reached the final of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2004 and regained The Ashes in 2005. The team is currently ranked second behind Australia in the Test rankings, but One Day perfomances have been very poor with England falling to 8th place in the ICC rankings.

World Cup
1975: Semi-Finals
1979: Runners up
1983: Semi-Finals
1987: Runners up
1992: Runners up
1996: Quarter-Finals
1999: First round
2003: First round

ICC Champions Trophy
1998: Quarter-Finals
2000: Quarter-Finals
2002: Second in Group Pool 2
2004: Runners up
2006: Main Round

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