My Father-in-law Passed Away

It's been a while after my father in law passed away. That's why my sweetest faces (Nina and Kezia) had gone back to Indonesia since 18 Nov for grieving, left me here alone and unattended. That's okay, they can gather with family back home.

We left Indonesia 3 years ago straight after we got married, and as time passing by we now have our daughter, Kezia. Kezia was supposed to use a NZ passport as she's naturally a NZ citizen. However, the Indonesian embassy advised me that it would be better to use Indonesian passport for going back and apply for Returning Resident Visa from NZ immigration.


Enda Nasution Friday, 01 December, 2006  

turut berduka cita

Anonymous Friday, 01 December, 2006  

Enda, thanks banget. Elo emang care orangnya. Thanks.

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