Amris Hasan - Indonesian Ambassador to NZ

After a decision made by Commission I Meeting of Indonesian Parliamentary, 31 May 06, from 26 ambassador candidates suggested by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), Amris Hasan is one of them as a candidate for Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand (NZ).

Later on 18 Oct 06, President SBY inaugurated 24 Indonesian Ambassadors fixed Amris Hasan position as Indonesian Ambassador to NZ. Amris Hasan and wife arrived in NZ via Auckland on 18 Nov 06 with the last Garuda flight for this season.

At a party for introducing himself to Indonesian society in Wellington 26 Nov 06, Amris Hasan admitted that he is not a career diplomat. However, he convinced that his background and experience dealing with international affairs can support his function as an Ambassador.

Prior to this appointment, he was a Co-chairman of Commission I of Indonesian Parliamentary and Chairman of Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Board which deal with international affairs issues. He was a member of House of Representative from Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle. And before that, he was a lecturer at the University of Indonesia with an MA degree in International Affairs from the University of Kent, Canterbury UK.

Relating to life and dynamic in an embassy environment, he mentioned that he had that kind of experience when his father was appointed as Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt. He is actually a son of ex Education Minister Prof. Fuad Hasan.

He promised to do a maximum effort in conducting his function and be open for any problems and issues from Indonesian people in NZ, including family matters as long as he can give advice and solution. (I reckon this is relating to the marriage between Indonesian Citizens and Non-Indonesian Citizens)

Coming along with him is his wife, Afi Shamara Hasan. Afi Shamara is a national film producer under a movie company, Kalyana Shira Film (KSF), which was established with her friend, Nia Dinata. KSF successfully produced several box-office movies such as: Ca Bau Kan, Biola Tak Berdawai, Arisan, Janji Joni and Berbagi Suami. Afi Shamara Hasan is also a daugther of Faisal Abdaoe, ex Pertamina CEO.

Still needs initiative, there is an inspiration to carry out an Indonesian Film Festival in NZ, of course with a full support from Madame Ambassador.


Anonymous Monday, 04 December, 2006  

Hallo, ini Otonoshi. Namaku emang 2 kok, di pasku juga ada nama 2. Namaku Chiyo Otonoshi.Julia nama akte kelahiranku. Sejak aku di bidang graphig design, dan fotographie aku punya nama otohoshi.dan 2 nama itu semua tercancum di pasport. Ya jadi terserah mau panggil apa , Otonoshi, Chiyo atau Julia..sama aja.

Anonymous Tuesday, 05 December, 2006  

waduh aku belum teliti apa ada Farry nggak yang yang langsung ke France. TApi logisnya sih pasti iya ada. TApi aku belum pernah naik ferry.Coba deh kalau aku ntar lagi pergi lagi, aku carikan informasi, dan aku kirimkan ke kamu lewat post. JAdi kamu juga bisa jalan2 sekeluarga ke Europa.

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