Currency Symbol CHF means Confœderatio Helvetica Franc

I wonder why the currency of Swiss franc is symbolised as "CHF", even my professor does so. Is it supposed to be as "SWF", means Swiss Franc?

First I guess it's related to the city of Zurich so that I take the last two characters of "CH" in "zuriCH". But, that is not the origin of CHF.

Looking up Switzerland in Wikipedia, I found the answer. "Confœderatio Helvetica" (CH) is the official name of Switzerland. That's in a Latin word for, if translated to English, Swiss Confederation.

Confoederatio Helvetica is the country's official Latin name. The use of Latin avoids having to favour one of the four national languages. The abbreviation (CH) is similarly used. The Latin title Confoederatio Helvetica means Helvetic Confederation. The titles commonly used in French, Italian and Romansh translate as Swiss Confederation, while the German name of Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft translates literally as "Swiss Oath Fellowship" or "Swiss Commonwealth of the Covenant".
According to him, they just try to be fancy...


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