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This morning NZ time I was just surprised by Fatih's post: "Blogger Indonesia of the Week" in his blog Blogger Indonesia that I catched from my Google Reader. For visitors coming from his blog, welcome to anymatters. I actually wanted to respond promptly but today someone came to change my carpet. Yes, I got the new one and next time I will definitely blog about how to lay a new carpet. I had been following the process from the beginning and took some photos.

Anyway, Fatih's is one of blog in my reading list I label under Indonesia Context. I am Indonesian and it's obvious if I want to know something about Indonesian bloggers. He has been blogging from India to discuss this matter, which meets my need. He is such a representative blogger as he had been interviewed twice by Koran Tempo (a respected Indonesian newspaper).

Moreover, Fatih also likes to discuss about idealism and politics which touched my heart and mind. In my view, he is such a thinker blogger who understand a lot of segment in philosophy and politics. Without this, it must have been hard for him to understand many Indonesian bloggers who come from different backgrounds. I took special attention to two of his posts, the limits of freedom and the clash of fundamentalism. My real name in the comments actually.

To be honest, my blog was created unintentionally. It began with search to find an old buddy of mine in the internet around September 2004. His name is Ucok Nasution and I searched Ucok Nasution without " " in Google. However, there was no sufficient information that I can use to contact him.

In my search look-ups, I found Enda Nasution weblog. I checked out his website as I thought he might be connected with Ucok. I then came across one of his pages about Apa itu Blog? (What is Blog?) From there, it seemed I had been introduced to blog. I then until now have put my existence in the internet through my blog. It costs me almost nothing a.k.a gratis unless for the $8 p.a. to get only a domain name. It costs me my time but I'm still happy. I found various kind of bloggers in Indonesia context, such as Jay adalah Yulian, Priyadi's Place,, Finding Hani,, Taman Bacaan, Julia, vikingkarwur, Weblog Wannabe, WishLisT, etc.

But the most important thing is that I still cannot find Ucok Nasution. So, I'm hoping if anyone can help me to give such info to me. Please. Who is Ucok? Check out below.


Unknown Wednesday, 07 June, 2006  

apa kabarnya bro,...gimana newzealand :)

Anonymous Tuesday, 04 July, 2006  

viking karwur khan anak GPIB jg kak...aktif di GP...di friendster gw ada tuch kalo mo kenalan...dia anak GPIB Gloria dulu banget pernah dateng ke Pelita ngeliput acara gereja.

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