Nordic (Scandinavian) Cross and Japhetic

The fish icon formed by two curves was used by the early Christians as a secret code to secure their movement from the Roman Empire authority. A single curve drawed by someone would be confirmed by completing the other curve by another person, in order to be identified as a Christian. 

But after the Roman Empire being Christianised, "a (latin) cross" was somehow considered as the popular icon of Christianity. This icon has been well used until now, in the Christian churches and cemetery, even somewhat appears in the national flags. All Nordic (Scandinavian) countries, i.e., Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland choose to use the basic shape of a cross for their national flags' design. Surprisingly, these warrior nations were just Christianised around the year 1000. Do these countries represent Christianity? Hmmm... it's not easy to answer, but the fact is that there is a shape of a cross in the flag. Below are their flags:

  Denmark  Norway  Finland  Sweden  Iceland 

Now, can you see the cross more clearly?

  Denmark  Norway  Finland  Sweden  Iceland 

One more thing about the Nordic theory. The Caucasian race is divided into three sub-categories: the Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean races. According to the theory, the Nordic is the most advanced group. In other words, the Nordic race is the most inferior amongst Europeans, who can be identified by tall stature, long head and facial form, straight and fine blond, red, or light brown hair, and blue, grey or green eyes. In 2001, BBC broadcasted the hypothetical image reconstruction of Jesus' face, which appears to be close to a face of a Middle Easterner. Prior to that hypothesis, the traditional Jesus was used to be potrayed in an image of a Nordic face. Ssssh... This issue becomes more complicated. Here is one interesting story. Once upon a time, Noah had three sons named Shem, Ham and Japheth. Shem is somehow considered as Arabs/Jews origin. The popular term is Semitic and it is believed to be the origin of three major religions: Judaism, Christian and Islam. Ham, the cursed one after seeing his father naked, somehow becomes the father of Africans (Hamitic). Later, the curse was justified as slavery and discrimination against black by a few people. Some findings in the Bible (Gen 10:16-18; Isaiah 49:12) conclude that Mongoloid is originated from Hamitic. Japheth, the youngest one, somehow becomes the father of Europeans (Caucasians) as his tribe has populated Europe started from the Caucasus region. A few Japhetics are unique. They try to put the older brother (Hamitic) into slavery and occupy the oldest one (Semitic) in someway. (Gen 9:24-27) Nevertheless, the abovementioned strory is just a part of old Medieval Europe intepretation of history and has nothing to do with what happens nowadays. The facts now are totally different:
  • Anti-Semitic gets to be such a term of anti-Jewish.
  • Semitic apparently is Caucasoid and skull/facial bone shape matters as omitting colour.
  • At one time, a guy named Hitler merged Nordic and Aryan to be the basic of Japhetic.
  • Aryan (Iran) wants to develop Nuclear weapons, because it's however still Japhetic.
  • Most Japhetic countries are at the top four ranks in 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index. Good thing!
  • One cursed Hamitic lady becomes the tough US Secretary of State and another one is Oprah Winfrey and she is definitely rich.
  • One Hamitic country owns Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Honda, etc. and another one bought IBM Laptops and turned it into Lenovo.
  • Prakash Padukone, Liem Swei King and Morten Frost Hansen play badminton.
  • R'nB rocks, NBA rocks as well!
Anyway, in animal nature, all faces and colours of one species seem to be just about the same. Yet, they are still fight each other to survive. Human is more advanced species than animal and just consist of one species, but interestingly it in fact has different faces and colours. The fight is more sophisticated as between faces/colours, and in one group of similar face and colour. Noah's ark preserved many species, among them are the three brothers. Floating on the water for 220 days, they might had played together and helped each other. Peacefully in brotherhood. Finally, making some stupid cartoons and burning some national flags and embassies never stop production... Sales and turnover are paramount and the show must go on!


ernetex Thursday, 09 February, 2006  

Great article and most of all real true! Very interesting

ernetex Thursday, 09 February, 2006  

Great blog! Very interesting article...and pure true.
I will visit this blog again...
Btw...some years ago some Budha´s statues were destroyed by the same people complaining now about the cartoons...I do not aggreed with both actions but one should think about this...anyway I think they do not represent the majority...
ernetex aka ica39

Anonymous Thursday, 09 February, 2006  

Ernetex, thanks. I guess you're talking the Buddhas of Bamiyan, in Kabul area, Afghanistan. Buddha is originally from India but later well spread in Asia.

Anonymous Monday, 13 February, 2006  

Nice entry.. sering2 tulis yg kaya ginian ya mas.. suka banget aku..

Anonymous Wednesday, 15 March, 2006  

At the top of the page you state "according to the theory ,the Nordic is the most advanced group. In other words ,the Nordic race is the most inferior amongst Europeans, who can be identified by takk stature ,long head and facial form,straight and fine blond, red,or light brownhair,and blue, grey or green eyes' so what the hell do you pretend to know and get this I'm a Nordic man who is tall,Blue eyed,and guess what I have White hair and I find you to be ignorant and an deviation from the norm is all lies unless you mean that there are people who are mixed race and I'm real and I loathe people who try to tell me I'm not as good as I am or that my people aren't what we are and understand this You have an obligation to the truth or you are condoning lies which is a crime and I fully expect an explanation with regards to just how Europeans come to have Green eyes and As fas I'm concerned Green eyes belong to the Polynesian race so check out the facts and list them as you have to research the truth don't you?


Anonymous Wednesday, 15 March, 2006  

What I write above is the "so-called old theory" of human origin, which is now not relevant and influenced by the old Medieval Europe intepretation. If you are interested to the new theory, here is the good link to look up. I believe that some Polynesian race can be considered as caucasoid, by omitting the colour. A mixed and integrated race, in my view, is an end of human race, whilst peace is a mean to an end. Or chaos?

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