Has No Brain

Your computer has no brain but sure you have one. So use your brain. Using your computer as external memory may threat your memory.

This means two matters below:

Firstly, we certainly need to use our brains in order to operate computers particularly in using softwares.

  • We don't just rely on some clicking functions or shortcuts without knowing what they use for or whether they are necessary.
  • Logics and English are basically needed. Most computer softwares employ English and logical patterns, as long as we know what we are doing, we would never lost.
  • We sometimes apply a trial and error method rather than reading the help content and manual.
Secondly, we hardly use our brains as often being spoiled by some automatic functions.
  • Even on memorising just a few characters of a password.
  • Even doing a simple maths calculation with spreadsheets.
  • Some people never know the right spelling of some words.
  • As most computer users using the internet, a lot of information stored may lead to a lost of focus on some particular or important things.
  • Through the internet we want to know everything that can be looked up on, even just finding a definition of something, rather than reading the books.
  • Spending too much time in finding some information on the internet may reduce the chance of resolving something in a real life context.
The key to successful online reporting is using the brain rather than a search engine, according to journalism lecturer Steve McIlwaine.
There are many things showing that our computer dependency can make us less brainy. New research is showing that more people in their twenties and thirties are suffering from severe memory loss. The cause? Reliance on computer technology. If you can find any other examples, please suggest on the comment below.

Our brains need to be stimulated in order to develop, so it's wise to use our brain all the time. The more sophisticated the computers' functions and systems, the less sophisticated we are.

Automation is an end and your brain is a mean to an end.


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