NZ govt will subsidize Broadband

The government of NZ will subsidize $ 400 million to the people for broadband connection for the next five years. This commitment is part of the objective of "ICT for All New Zealanders".

The government has committed to spend up to $400 million over the next five years to make the Digital Strategy happen. But this won’t be enough on its own to achieve our objectives. So we plan to use government money to stimulate action and commitment by others - to provide seed funding and to stimulate activity.
Vision of The Digital Strategy itself is that all New Zealanders get access to digital information and communicaton with broadband connection.
The Digital Strategy is about how we will create a digital future for all New Zealanders, using the power of information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance all aspects of our lives.
It is similar to what has been proposed in Indonesia by ICT evangelist Dr. Onno Purbo, but the different is that since there is no subsidy from the government, some wireless internet centres will commonly be funded by the society.


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