Tsunami Nuclear Weapon

There is a kind of allegation, or could be of imagination, saying that the Tsunami Earthquake occurred last month in Asia was triggered by nuclear weapon.

A tsunami bomb has in fact been produced to create a nuclear explosion under the ocean plate and then triggered the tsunami earthquake to cause a big tidal wave to vanish the targeted neighboring civilization.

An odd geological survey result has explained that it is more like the cause of nuclear explosion rather than natural disaster in general.

Prof Thomas Leech from Auckland University had created and tested this tsunami bomb in WW2 (1944/45). It means that by this time (2005), a more sophisticated tsunami bomb would have been developed.

Indonesia in general or Aceh in particular is the targeted civilization? Or, Sri Lanka? Or, India?

Is it great? Or, is it crazy?

Does it make sense regarding the purpose?

Ask Joe Vialls.


Shelle Wednesday, 16 February, 2005  

spooky, but I guess, believable or not. I don't know.

But...why? Why do it?

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