Iran would be the eighth

If Iran will stick in nuclear technology and try to develop nuclear weapons, it would be the second Moslem country in the world which pursue nuclear weapon development after Pakistan.

Pakistan's reason in developing nuclear weapon is to counter the possibility of India nuclear threat if necessary. That's a sensible reason as India is just next to Pakistan.

Nevertheless, Iran would be the eighth country in the world that has nuclear weapons after the USA, the UK, France, Russia, the People Republic of China, India and Pakistan.

O well, the group of eight (G8) that I never ever think that they have a subgroup of insane people that may start a real war.

Is that that cool as that is? No, I don't think so. That's could be much worse than the Nazi.

Today's free market economy could be applied for trading nuclear weapon as well by a subgroup of insane private people. Government and military develop it and then private may sell it.

Through the Internet? Could be. Just keep surfing.


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