Blogging is generating a genuine personal reference

Is blogging a self masturbating? I'm not sure if what I say is good and right. But, that's what I feel, dudes. And, that's what I feel after visited a variety of blogs.

Yes, it's true that some interesting blogs have audience and transferable knowledge for many people. But, it is still kind of peep show. Don't you think so, man?

A blog is mostly a personal outcome and matter, right? Any thoughts, ideas, words and image just come up from someone's mind, right?

You don't even share or consult your thoughts with your partner, do you?
Any comments don't change anything, do they?

For me, blogging is pretty much like satisfying myself. I can say and show anything I come up with. Nobody is expected to deeply understand what I say.

I have at least tried to communicate with the outside world through the Internet. Moreover, I realise that I have at my consent created a genuine personal reference generator.

Most importantly, I will never take it serouisly in case of any objection.


Anonymous Sunday, 06 February, 2005  

so basicly your saying that bloggin is a mental wank for you alrighty then??? backing away from the screen slowly....:0#

Boston Pam Sunday, 06 February, 2005  

It is a nice way to kill time when your board stiff at work! I enjoy writing on my own and reading what others have to say on theirs...this has to be one of the coolest inventions of all time.

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