Different colour but same race

Why should people be bothered to have such different colours? Why don't people just closely look at the shape of their skulls to distinguish them from the other race(s)? Yellow, white and black are, in order, Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid, however, this don't apply any more.

The colours of global races have been classified nowadays into either light or dark skin colours. The main point is to imagine the face of people without the facial skin, so just basically compare the shape of skull and the facial bone structure. Then, the decision is made whether having a light or dark skin colour. Yes, just like putting an image of a person into a kind of photo/image computer software and then changing the contrast and brightness setting. Uuh, it's a bit hard aye? It's a kind of art of races.

For example, most of Indian people are considered as very dark Caucasoid. Ainu people in Japan are considered as semi light Caucasoid. Some of African-Americans become a kind of semi light Negroid. Some of Palestinians and Jews may be light Negroid and could be semi dark Caucasoid. Papua people should be very dark Mongoloid and most of Javanese people can be dark or semi dark Mongoloid, and so can be Malays. Rusians can be very light Mongoloid instead of some considered as Caucasoid.

To conclude, just ask your self whether you are a very dark, dark, semi dark, semi light, light or very light in one of Mongoloid, Caucasoid or Negroid races.

However, by assuming that the shape of skull and facial bone structure are basically similar one to another and in order to avoid a kind of confusing conclusion of race identity (ha ha), there is only one race in the world. Don't be reluctant to say that you are not belong to any race and just have a very light, light, semi light, semi dark, dark or very dark skin.


Anonymous Thursday, 23 September, 2004  
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Anonymous Thursday, 23 September, 2004  

You definitely don't know what you are talking about. You are such a Martian man, who is basically never exist.

Anonymous Friday, 24 September, 2004  

Apapun warna kulit & rasnya..gak masalah, yang penting bisa saling toleransi & tetep damaiii...dan yang lebih penting lagi adalah kalau mereka adalah Anak-anak TUHAN. Hehehe ;p

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