Springboks won RWC 2007

Springboks (South Africa), which represent the southern hemisphere rugby, won RWC 2007 after beating England (15-6). But no tries.

Springboks 15
Tries: 0
Conversion: 0
Penalty: 5 x 3 = 15 (Montgomery, Steyn)
Drop goal: 0

England 6
Tries: 0
Conversion: 0
Penalty: 2 x 3 = 6 (Wilkinson)
Drop goal: 0

By the way, this is how Habana is in training.


JennieSBev.com Friday, 26 October, 2007  

I like this design better. I like your smile. ;)

Anymatters Tuesday, 30 October, 2007  

thanks jennie. it's for everyone... he he he...

JennieSBev.com Wednesday, 31 October, 2007  

I just notice that there are not that many Indonesians in NZ. There are more in Calif. LA has the largest population, I guess it is in tens of thousands.

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