In the future: Cibeureum

In 2050 Indonesia becomes a strong ultra-nationalist country. The people, coming from different backgrounds of different islands and different places in Asia, have been assimilated into one official culture and language, i.e. Indonesia. While China is isolated in the mainland, all area and islands surrounding it including Hong Kong, Taiwan and South-East Asia receive politic and economic directives from the United Nations of Indonesia (UNI).

The economy has grown rapidly with a strategy of maximum borrowings for high-tech development projects collateralised by all possible natural resources. Indonesia becomes the first technology provider country followed by the US, Japan, China, India and EU. The secret is that the capital cost is the lowest one among those countries.

In politics, the representative system has been abolished and turned into a direct executive board elected through a personalised qualification rating system. This rating system is a computerised system from a database that stores all historical data of an individual relating to his or her contribution to the country and state. The highest one becomes the chairman of the board.

Years prior to the fall of the United Nations in 2045, there are eight main groups in the world: The America (US, Canada and Latino), The Europe (EU, UK and Russia), The Sushi (Japan and Korea), The Old Man (Africa and Middle East), The Mongol (China) and The Moghul (from Iran, India to Bangladesh), The Pacific (Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands including Hawaii) and The UNI. Since the Treaty of Nuclear Non-proliferation has not been recognised, there is no alliance formed among these groups.

In 17 August 2050, nuclear bombs are dropped in five main cities of the UNI, in Jakarta, Makassar, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. News and information networks are cut off while there's no electricity almost everywhere. The flow of refugees comes from those main cities to the area surrounding. While the UNI officials assumed death, no one of the people knows what happened.

People are wondering who has been dropping the nuclear bombs. Is it the Mongol, The Sushi, The Moghul or The Pacific? Could it be The America, The Europe or The Old Man? What is happening with the UNI military? Do they surrender?

A group of people in a village called Cibeureum think the same way. They have no idea with what happened with the current blackout and no tv or internet receipts. Before the bombing, this village is a peaceful place set with a combination of beautiful nature and high technology. There is no crime occurred in this village. This village becomes a sough-after retirement place for some smart people.

Cibeureum is one of the high-tech villages in Indonesia. One retired computer genius named Sangaji managed to establish an internet connection directly to the satellite and tell about all information and news he can get to his friends Bayu, a retired government official, and Hartono, a retired army general.

The story is that the bombs are dropped by the alliance of The Mongol and The Pacific with a new high-tech rocket that cannot be detected with sonar and satellite detectors. One source confirms that this is not an alliance attack but rather than a cooperative attact for a mutual benefit resulted from the attack considering that The Indo is located between them. Also in the news, the other groups won’t involve in this issue as to avoid a further confrontation. The UNI nuclear launch centres have been paralysed by locking in the launch code with a high-tech decoding system developed by The Mongol and The Pacific. The UNI has no power to do anything to counterattack.

However, there is one demand to end this war. The demand is that The UNI has to mobilise its skilled workers to The Mongol and The Pacific industry site. [I think they just want to beat The UNI in terms of a cheaper capital cost.] Finally, the day after the bombing, The UNI government has ordered to the military to go to all area of The UNI to pick up some skilled workers to be sent to The Mongol and The Pacific, including Cibeureum.

Cibeureum village is a small village but it has a school called Cibeureum School of Technology (CST) found by Sangaji, Bayu and Hartono (SBH). The students’ skill is above the national average. SBH start to worry about this matter. They are fully nationalists and will never send the students outside the country. Assuming that they have no power to hold the military force entering their village, they plan to set something great.

They choose 100 excellent students and implant a microchip into an individual’s brain with help from Gerhana, a retired surgeon, who is Bayu’s sister. The microchip stores data of how one must act in the future and an anti-electromagnetic pulse. The message in the microchip is to reset everything the workers have made during the time of their works. Thus, there is no value added for the enemy in using the workers. SBH assume that if they can reset the technology in one country while they can move on, they can counterattack in the future.

In 2060, ten years after the bombing, The UNI attacks back The Mongol and The Pacific. The UNI does not attack with nuclear bombs but instead with electromagnetic pulse bombs that attack people's brain. The electromagnetic pulse has paralysed almost all people’s brains of The Mongol and The Pacific. Seeing the success of this counterattack, The UNI continues to attack the other five groups, including The America, The Europe, The Old Man, The Sushi and The Moghul with the goal of achieving supremacy in the world.

The rest of the world has a brain dead unless the people of The United Nations of Indonesia. However, the bombs work in males' brains so that the war leaves the females for future breeding.


Anonymous Tuesday, 05 June, 2007  

Are there any Soeharto's decendants who become government officials, are they totalitarians too? :)

Anonymous Tuesday, 05 June, 2007  

None, Beni. Thanks for the comment. Anyway, the Cibeureum story is inspired by "Rumah Masa Depan" which was popular in the 80s with three main roles: Sangaji, Bayu and Hartono. And, the bombing is inpired by "Jericho".

Anonymous Friday, 08 June, 2007  

At the beginning I thought it was not a big deal to miss the whole superiority of UNI in 2050. After the last paragraph, however, I've decided to start living healthy, hoping to still be around in 2060... :)

Anonymous Saturday, 09 June, 2007  

we could make it, bleu. for our country and spirit. keep the anti-ageing medicines at home and being alerted with the new ones.

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