I'm an organ donor. Is she gonna veto?

Since six years ago, I've made a commitment as an organ donor in my driving licence. In case of death in an accident, some of my organs would be passed to others who (may desperately) need. It's my genuine willingness to help others as giving my life.

As a dead person, I won't show any objection for removal of the organs. But, the question is, does my wife agree to have my organs being removed? Is she gonna veto my decision before as she may have a different perception regarding this?

We got married three years ago and I hope she understand that this was a decision made before that. Or, should I change my mind?


Anonymous Wednesday, 28 February, 2007  

I've had the discussion with my Partner who doesn't agree with organ donation and wishes to meet the afterlife complete.

It is well understood that I on the other hand have consented to organ donation.

One of those conversations every couple has to have.

Here in Australia we have it on our license and we also have a national organ donar register.

Anonymous Wednesday, 28 February, 2007  

I appreciate your advice, thanks. I realise that we both need to talk with each other. Persuasion is the way.

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